Here are some comments I left on my classmates’ post:

1.) Amelia wrote about a PR event that happened recently. It was an interesting story about a person over-hearing conversations in a company elevator and then posting them to a twitter account. She told the story well, but I still had questions. This is the comment I left on her page:

“Very interesting event! I like your writing style… very interactive and conversational. I think those tweets are hilarious, I can’t believe people actually say some of them out loud in an elevator. I love the picture of Meryl Streep from the Devil Wears Prada…very appropriate. It has to be someone from GQ if those employees were following the account first. What do you think? One last thing, What is Conde Nast? Is it a publishing company or just the building? I wasn’t aware of it before reading this post.”

2.) Jordan wrote about a company that she would like to work for. She talked about learning PR from MTV shows and the company that she’s interested in is People’s Revolution from MTV’s The City. She talked about her liking for fashion and writing and how she did not know all about PR before this class. I agreed with her and encouraged her to try a firm like People’s Revolution. This is the comment I left:

“Great insight! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Just the course name, Public Relations, reminds me of MTV shows they played during high school. I remember seeing Whitney work at People’s Revolution and Kelly being the tough insensitive boss. It definitely did make PR look fun with all of the events and running around. I think you can totally do it too especially since you like writing and have an interest in fashion. I think you have great opportunities around you like living in Austin (like you said) and having a connection with Andrea. BTW I totally agree with you about getting students to understand PR before they jump into it. I was overwhelmed just hearing about the stress for the speakers!”

3.) For her open topic, Shayma wrote about a PR event. The company she interns for, Austin Children’s Shelter, held a fundraising event at Saks Fifth Avenue. I thought the post was very appropriate for this course, but I feel she left out a lot of details. This is the comment I wrote:

“Fun story about this event. Those are some awesome prizes! I had a friend who interned for ACS before and she had to work on this fashion show fundraiser as well. Was all of the money from what was purchased at Saks that night donated to the shelter or only a portion of it? It sounds like a chic event. Who was there? Any notable local celebs? Also, where is Saks? I’ve never seen it. You can make your post stronger by making it a little more detailed. Overall, great post, the pictures are engaging.”

4.) Walker wrote about a place he would like to work. He said he would like to work at a zoo or aquarium because of his interest in animals. I though he should clarify how his communication major will tie into that. I liked how he put facts about him growing up and about the world’s largest aquarium. This is the comment I left:

“Interesting to find out that you’re interested in animals and marine life. It seems like you really care about animals. I have to ask, then why major in communication? It seems like it would be beneficial if you studied science. Do you take these courses as well? With your knowledge of communication and PR, you could work for the PR/media department of a zoo and/or aquarium. I had no idea the world’s largest aquarium is in Atlanta, great that you provided links! Just another reason to visit.”


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