All the Hype about Lucky Nights

Recently, I heard about the newest adult beverage that is hitting night clubs everywhere. If you don’t know what I’m talking, then you haven’t heard of Lucky Nights Vodka. Until last week, I didn’t know who they were either. The name sounded risqué so caught my attention! The name started popping up all over, so I took it to Twitter.

@iStevezie So what is this #Lucky Nights Vodka I’m hearing all about?? Looks like I’m going to have to test it out myself!

After my hash tag was seen by the owner himself, I was not only replied back to, but I also had a bottle shipped my way! Now that I have tasted, I must say Lucky’s is not bad at all! Of course you’re probably thinking, “how does a vodka taste good?”. Well it kind of does. It’s very smooth and it might have something to do with it being 100% organic! Yup, you heard right. This vodka has followed the earthly, hippie theme. I think it a great sales pitch too. Everyone is just gonna love this. I recommend that you try it for yourself!

Lucky Nights is not available here in Texas yet, but don’t worry. I was told they are going to launch very soon! One more thing I forgot to mention, the alcohol content is 80%! Be on the look out for Lucky’s. I see big things coming their way such as movies, television shows, and maybe some PR events that we can check out!

Until next time!


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