Public Relations COMM 2337

Now that the semester is winding down, I will get to take my new acquired skills and information from this course onto the real world.  I finally feel that I know what PR really is (at least a better understanding of it) than what those reality shows showed me. I now know that PR exists to act as a promoter and relationship mediator between a brand and the public (consumers, fans). A few things that goes into promoting and maintaining the relationships of brands are: Press Releases which provide exposure of the brand in the media, events that promote a brand hands-on, and crisis management which allows for firms to speak on behalf of a brand when they have bad press. I’ve learned that this job is versatile and stressful which are things I do like depending on my mood. Time will tell if I do decide to pursue PR and if I do I will take the knowledge given to me from the professor and the guest speakers. I will be available, I will ask questions, and I will research prior to taking on a task.

The PR Daily articles have also taught me a lot. Even outside of PR, just knowing how to communicate effectively with co-workers and bosses. Other things like how to follow-up on meetings and interviews and the dos and don’ts in the work place will all be beneficial. This course has helped me better understand what path I want to take in PR if I was to pursue it. I could only do entertainment PR. Overall, it was a beneficial class and I am very happy that I was able to network through it.


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