What’s Next For Me?

While currently in school, there are many opportunities that are presenting themselves. Everywhere I turn there are opportunities to network and endless internships available. This keeps me confident that I will have a good path out of college. I am sure I want a career in the media and entertainment, specifically on television. However there has been many other fields within communication that I am interested in such as in advertising, public relations, and in media outside of television.

Something I currently have secure is my summer abroad in France. I will be taking classes, working for the technology department at the school, and will be working in the public relations department at the city hall of Angers (the city I will study in).

A side job that I am taking on is doing social media (specifically blogging) for a media company known as We Blog The World. I was able to become apart of the blog by networking with the founder at SXSW.

For the next far semester I want to secure an internship at a news television station in Austin. I already have an idea of where I will apply to after attending an internship fair.  As someone who wants to work in television, this is where my heart is. I am also excited to be taking Advanced Broadcast Journalism in the fall. Recently, I heard that ABC Family’s “The Lying Game” got picked up for a second season. The show is filmed in Austin and I have worked as an extra on the show before. I enjoy working with them and plan to continue for this second season.

That is what I have planned for the next 6 months. I plan to continue to network with professors, career services, and other professionals I meet. Relocating to a major media city is also a plan I have. Opportunities abroad are also on my mind.


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