What Do I Think About PR Now?

I have learned a lot about Public Relations from this course. I thought I had an idea of what PR was all about through its depiction on television. It turns out there is way more to it as far as tasks PR professionals have to do. My opinion before this class was that PR was all about fun and games even if you do have to be busy most times. I now know that it can be very stressful, time-consuming, and diverse in regards to the type of work one does. I few things I didn’t know was that it is PR professionals that actually write a story for a journalist about their product. Also, that your job title does not really guarantee you to one set of tasks and that it is a team effort. Some days you might be on the phones contacting journalists, others you might be giving samples of a product at a convention. I do think PR can be tedious and stressful. I do not think the job’s pay compensates for the amount of work and stress you have to endure. However, I am still kind of interested in the field because of the people you meet, the opportunities to work on cool projects, and the traveling on the job! As far as Social Media, I am always okay with it. They are tools you need to use in almost every field. I enjoy using Twitter and Facebook.


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