I attended my first SXSW this year and I don’t think I could have picked a better year to attend! I felt this year’s festival had the most buzz opposed to the past. I’m sure they will keep on getting better year after year. I also felt I had a lot of knowledge going into the festival because of the Public Relations course I am taking. While I was involved in a lot of the festivities, I couldn’t help, but reference back to all of the information I had learned so far in PR. SXSW is all about launching products, promoting brands, and of course showcasing music. SXSW is one of PR’s biggest events. It was all about building and maintaining relationships with the public who come from all over the country and even the world. There were so many companies getting involved. A few experiences I would like to note are the Foursquare party, the Bravo party, the Skype party, and the trade show. As far as all of the parties I listed, they were events to connect with their users/viewers and gain new ones. These events offered free drinks, food and some kind of entertainment. They gave out free “swag” that would better allow you to remember them. The trade show was definitely about informing the public on new products and companies. They also offered “swag” and free samples of their products. I think these events are very important for PR because they “treat” the public allowing them to gain a popular liking. I know I love it when I get taken care of!


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