Field Trip to Edelman INC

Yesterday in PR class we visited the largest PR firm in the country (well at least a section of it)! We visited Edelman’s Austin office in order to learn more about corporate PR and what it’s like to work there. No surprise that the office was located in downtown with great views of the other buildings. When we first got there we met in their board room where the employees introduced themselves. They all seemed like nice and relaxed people which was surprising because you always hear that PR is a stressful profession. I was interested when I heard that they had hired their interns to be full-time employees. It’s great that, that can actually happen! They also explained a little bit about the projects they had done that week. For instance some of them were on the phones with reporters from around the world and some had been traveling to places like Chicago and Los Angeles for business. Aside from being hectic, they all seemed to like their jobs. They even offered us to get in contact with them in case we were looking for a summer internship. The trip gave me a great perspective of the field of PR.


2 thoughts on “Field Trip to Edelman INC

  1. I’m so jealous you went! Did they mention any current clients or specifically what they do on a daily basis?

    • StevenJosh says:

      They mentioned Best Buy, a company that makes apps, and some other one. I think you should look into them! I know you have a few things lined up, but they mentioned internships…you should check on it!

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