A Theme I Would Like to Learn More About

I, already, do have a background in video and blogging and I don’t think I am very interested in pod casting. I know I could use more practice in my video skills and in blogging since it is important that you keep practicing and perfecting your skills. Aside from both of those skills individually, I would like to learn more about “vlogging” (or video blogging). It is a skill that I have started to see through You Tube. It is just like traditional blogging in which you present news and information, but in this case you are using video to broadcast your information. I have seen many successful vlogs online that have many viewers and interesting topics. My problem with vlogging is that I am not 100 percent comfortable with it. I could use some skills that will make comfortable while I feel I am talking to myself! I think this theme can be useful in PR when working on your own blog because you are unlimited in the amount of creativeness you use. Clients value creativeness and the public does too from what I have observed online.


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