One Place I Would Like Work

I’m sure that I am looking at career in broadcast media and entertainment. Ideally, I would love to work at a major network television station. I want to work on-camera, reporting or anchoring. Kinda similar to PR, right? Well, for total PR sake, I’m going to pick a firm that I would best see myself at. Because I like the best of the best, I would have to pick Edelman New York! They rank number one on a list of the best PR firms in the nation. They focus on topics like brand marketing and crisis management. Being such a huge company and being located in New York, I think I would be able to be happy at Edelman. I will be able to work with huge corporations and major celebrities. I’m actually thinking that would be great at crisis management. I would love to help a celebrity like Kim Kardashian or Justin Bieber fix up their image after a crazy scandal or embarrassing incident. I could come up with a great strategic plan to put them back on the map like giving them wise words or setting-up apperances. When it come to my dream job in Public Relations, I hope Edelman is ready for me! If I can give any career tips to students it would be to network like you’re a social animal! It is the best way to meet people while getting your foot through the door.


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