Flashback: MTV’S Power Girls

I’ve said it before, I became interested in PR after seeing all of the reality shows that focus on entertainment PR. Television can definitely make the job look attractive with all of the red carpet parties, working closely with celebrities, and the PR lifestyle in general. I remember watching the first PR show that started them all. It was a few years back when I first saw MTV’s Power Girls. I vaguely remember it. The show was about a PR firm based in New York City that displayed all of the fun, stress, and drama of working in entertainment PR. The show consisted of the boss and four of her employees who ran the firm. Together, they planned night club openings, host launch parties, worked with celebrities, and pitched stories. At the time, probably being a child, I had no idea what they were doing or who they worked for. I saw that they seemed to have a fun job in NYC and that was good enough for me. One notable memory that I have of the show is when the power girls were hosting a red carpet event and Lindsay Lohan was not being friendly. She skipped the red carpet holding her jacket over her head, passing the interviews and pictures. Lindsay Lohan did not leave the best impression with the girls and it showed what can really go on behind the scenes.


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