Evolution of the Press Release

Before this semester, I had no idea what a press release was. I’ve seen press rooms that contained press releases on certain websites, but I still didn’t understand their purpose. I thought they were articles written by journalists and published in different news outlets. As if the company or organization posted the articles to display their publicity. I now understand that press releases are written by PR employees on behalf of their clients. Through class discussions, guest speakers, and an assignment where I had to write a press release, I feel more knowledgable on press releases. The goal is to write a great story about whatever you are promoting in efforts to get a journalist to take and publish it. Usually, a PR professional is to keep strong relationships with journalists, call or email them personally, and be prepared to revise their original story if need be. Today, press releases have databases where journalists can easily access them and Twitter is starting to be utilized by journalists and PR pros in order to communicate about press releases. I do not think the traditional press release, but just has gotten better and easier with the use of social media, such as Twitter.


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