What is PR?

In the last few years we’ve seen the popularity of these two letters grow. PR is all over reality television. Usually glamorize, PR is seen as a career that deals with celebrities, popular brands, and parties all while working a 9 to 5 behind an Ikea desk and an over-sized iMac. So aside from all the perks of PR, What actually is PR.

For starters PR stands for public relations and we can assume it entails establishing some sort of relationship with the public. PR firms are companies that establish the relationship between a company, brand, person, product and the public. PR goes hand in hand with Advertising and Marketing in which they are all promoters. To differentiate the three, I like to think of PR as the voice of the brand. They are all communicating a message to the public. One significant task of a PR firm is to create press releases. They are to write-up a report on a product and send it out to news outlets and journalists so that the public can hear about it, hopefully receiving positive feedback. Are you getting it? PR is like a manager giving exposure to it’s clients. Sometimes if a company has made bad publicity for themselves PR has to come in and fix it up for them. They will write apology statements and come up with a strategy to overcome the companies hardship. Something else to know about PR is that it is either free or at low costs.

To get a better idea of PR and the people who work in this field I added a this fun video that depicts the office life.


2 thoughts on “What is PR?

  1. I really like that you showed not only the glamorous side of PR (which is usually what people think of when they think of PR), but also the more common side of PR, which is that of the actual work that goes behind these glamorous events and such. I also loved the video at the end of the post; the iPhone scene was probably my favorite part!

    Do you think that many people choose PR as a career because it’s such a glamorized field?

    • StevenJosh says:

      Hey! I’m glad you enjoyed my article. That video was pretty funny. What I meant by that statement was that the fun perks of entertainment pr (shown on TV) draws many people to the career. Too bad that’s only one portion of PR!

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