Victorious: A Tween Hit

I’ll admit occasionally I’ll turn on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel to see what’s on. These channels are huge parts of many kid’s childhood. Today, the shows that these networks create are much different from the 90s and early millennium. One in particular that today’s kids have that the 90’s kids didn’t is Victorious. Victorious is a comical show about a group of friends who attend a performing arts high school. They are all talented, performing in school plays, concerts, and even having real Hollywood auditions. The show focuses on these ambitious performers who are still having fun living their youthful lives. Victorious has a great concept because more than ever many kids are interested in performing arts. Victorious is fresh, clean, and hip. The humor is great for all ages. From episodes that I’ve seen, I’ve even gotten a laugh out of them. The music featured on the show is also a plus. The cool, pop-ish songs are innocent yet mature for younger viewers. Watch the promo and see why I recommend this fun, young show! Victorious is on daily on Nickelodeon.


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