Modern Family is Modern Life

Have you seen Modern Family yet? It is one of my favorite shows on primetime. This hilarious comedy really does depict many families today. The show revolves around three families who are actually one family. They all live different lives; Jay, an older , divorced man is married to a younger woman named Gloria. Jay’s son and daughter also have their own modern families. The son, Mitchell, lives with his partner and their adopted daughter Lily. Jay’s daughter, Claire has the more traditional family out the others. She is married to free-minded Phil and have three kid with very different personalities! All together this family gets into the craziest scenarios. As you’re watching you can’t help but feel better that your family is not the only crazy one! I recommend this show to others because it can definitely open the minds of many. Times are changing and families are too. The show is filmed like if it is a documentary. With commical confessionals in between scenes, you will never go too long without a laugh. Modern Family airs on Wednesdays on ABC.


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