H&M on the Perfect Body

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the popular clothing brand H&M which is known for selling casual chic clothing at affordable prices. The Swedish company is all over the world, but currently the only stores they have in Texas are in Dallas. The company has been getting a lot of buzz over their online store which shows picture-perfect models in swimsuit and lingerie. Recently a PR spokesperson told media sources that the images where that of mannequin bodies computerized to look like humans. This has a lot of people talking about what fashion outlets depict as the ideal body image and what harmful effects this could have on society. I took a course called Media Communication last fall and this topic came up a lot. Harmful effects of advertising include, extreme dieting, low self-esteem, and anorexia. I’m not sure if the company is doing anything wrong here since every store has mannequins that are just as fake as advertisings that get edited. This can also be bad for the company. I mean sure the swimsuits look appealing on the company’s altered bodies, but once a customer goes to try them on they’re going to realize the clothes don’t look as good on them. Well that blows! Stay true everybody.

Check out the official article here: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/entertainment/2011/12/clothing-giant-hm-defends-use-of-virtual-models/

Pictures by H&M.com


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