Christmas List 2011

With Christmas less than 15 days away I wanted to write about something new, something that is compiled by me. I’m sure many of you are getting into the Christmas spirit and are already on top your Christmas shopping! Well, if you’re like me you’re not there yet mentally. Lucky for us, I decided to compile a list of great possible gift ideas. My idea is to find gifts that would be appreciated by anyone. Some ideas being original, and other not so much. So ask yourself if you would like to receive any of these gifts.

A Gift Certificate for a Massage. With all of the stress that life brings who would turn down a massage? It’s so good and relaxing. Massages are like a piece of heaven to me. There are many places and spas that offer certificates like Massage Envy and Milk + Honey Spa. If comfortable with it, I recommend you look into mobile massage therapists. There is nothing like being put sleep in your own home by relaxed muscles. How therapeutic! Starting at $50 you can easily give a massage as a gift!

Gift Cards. Okay, I’m not trying to be a lazy shopper or blogger. I really do believe gift cards have made gift shopping more convenient, safer and smarter. With everyone at different budgets gift cards just work! I am, however against prepaid debit cards and what not. At least put a little thought into it! I think restaurant gift cards work because, for one, who doesn’t like a good meal? It gives people the opportunity to get out and enjoy food, your treat. Make sure it’s somewhat of a nice restaurant! Music gift cards also work! I love iTunes gift card because they are so convenient and with the so many people file sharing today you can help support musicians and actors (whatever media you’re getting). Gift card for clothes are the biggest plus! Everyone can always use clothes. I’m not even going to get into it.

Ikea Gift Card. The Ikea gift card gets its own section because this gift is awesomely unique. I don’t know about you, but I feel you can never have all of the household items you want. With Ikea being as big as it is you can find anything you need for the house. Frames, wineglasses, that cool modern lamp, and other little accessories; you can’t go wrong! Also we can always replace furniture or add to what we already have at an affordable price. I guarantee your friends and family would appreciate a gift from Ikea.

Happy Holidays!


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