Angers, Get Surprised!

If you’ve ever read my blog before, you probably already know I studied abroad in France last spring. I studied in a small city named, Angers (pronounced On-jay). It was a beautiful town that was an hour and a half west of Paris. Although many would rather study in Paris, I’m glad I was able spend my time in Angers. I really enjoyed it. This video above was made to promote the city and I would like to help. I definitely think Angers is an underrated city with a lot to offer. First of all, Angers has great shopping. There are your mainstream stores like H&M and Zara and then there are your French shop with clothing locally made. Angers also has Galeries Lafayette, a huge department store that holds many name brands similar to our Macy’s.There is also a nice nightlife in Angers with many bars and a few clubs to give you a fun night out. Also, Angers is home to St Edward’s University’s French campus which is where I studied. There is also the famous château (castle) and the tasty boulangeries (bakeries)! I hope you find Angers to be a great destination to visit just like I did. I plan to return soon. I’m considering summer school!


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