Paris Je T’aime


Paris, Je T’aime is a series of 20 short films about love in Paris. I watched part of this movie in my Americans in Paris course that I took last spring and recently bought it for myself. Each short film is different and tells a story. The majority are about couples in love, others are about family, and one is about a woman’s love for Paris. I like this movie because in a short amount of time each director tells a unique story with unique circumstances. It makes you realize that everyone is going through their own love story. There is a mix of both huge American and French actors in the film. Some of the American actors include Elijah Wood, Natalie Portman, and Nick Nolte. Although you could have be deceived by the trailer below, the majority of this film is in French and will need subtitles. I recommend this film. There are a diverse number of themes with an array of moods. For instance, some of the shorts are deep, some sad, others funny and cheerful. This movie was shown at both the Toronto Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival in 2006. It is described as stunning and the perfect example of how a film can stir the soul by Joe Mortensen of The Wall Street Journal.


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