My Second News Story: RIP Peter Pham

When it was time to pitch my final news story in my Broadcast Journalism class I was worried because I thought nothing new was happening around me to report on. That all changed when I read an email from the dean informing students that a fellow student, named Peter Pham, had lost his life. It was definitely a story to be told, however I didn’t know how to go about telling the story in a way that was both personal and respectful to Peter and his friends. I was questioning whether or not I was qualified to report on this story. It was a very deep subject. My professor let me know that these types of stories are important to the news and must be told. It was quite a challenge getting all of the interviews especially from his friends. When I was finally able to get an interview with them it could not have gone better. They gave me a beautiful interview. I was able to see what kind of person Peter was and how important he was to his friends. I found out that Peter was friends to all. To Peter, it did not matter who you were, he was accepting. I wish I could have used more of the interview in the news package, but we must aim for a short running time. Although I did not know Peter, I truly believe the world needs more people like him from what his friends said about him. I’m happy with the way the news package came out. I wanted to end the story positively. I’m glad I ended with an impacting story and was able to share Peter’s life with others.

“We’re going to be remembering him more fondly and instead of crying we’re going to be happy about the time we got to spend with him.”



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