Fitch: An Original Series


During the summer of 2009 me and three new friends got together and randomly started a YouTube reality series. The show revolved around the four us and the job that brought us together, Abercrombie and Fitch. It all started after I got my new iPhone that had video recording. One night after hanging out we were reenacting the show Cheaters and I started recording it. After posting that video to YouTube, I showed everyone. We then decided we should start making YouTube videos for fun. It didn’t take long for us to get into it.  Since then we expanded the idea of it. We decided to call it “Fitch” since the show would take place at the store. In any of the videos you can catch us doing goofy things while hanging out. It’s so funny to see the first video and our latest one. Things have changed so much from the way we created the videos to our friendships. We had good support from friends who found it entertaining and many of them have guest starred in the show. Fitch actually has a fair amount of views. It’s not a hit, but it could be enjoyable to some. It was definitely created just for fun and because it was created through mostly iPhones the quailty and sound is not the best. I think it’s cool that me and my friends have these videos that we can look back on someday. The last video we made was posted a year ago! I’m not sure if there will be another episode, but it has been discussed since we have film that has never been seen. Below is the trailer for the last season we made.


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