During my study abroad in France I was able to travel during my breaks from school easily. Being in the center of Europe, I had many awesome destinations nearby. I did end up going to a lot of cool, popular touristy cities around Europe and during one of my breaks I went to a complete random country (depending who you ask of course)! My friend, Sofia, and I decide we were going to go to Bulgaria for the first few days of our spring break. Sofia was the one who suggested we should go somewhere different, somewhere where we never thought our lives would take us. I liked that idea especially because I like traveling. I also want to see parts of the world that are underrated. So we went to eastern Europe to a city named Sofia. There was a big Russian influence in Bulgaria and the language spoken was Bulgarian. We were already so much out of the loop, but we enjoyed ourselves by going out and meeting people during night life, taking a city tour with really nice students, and  going to see one the world’s oldest churches in the mountains.Thank goodness many of the people spoke English! The trip opened my mind and gave me a global perspective. One of the coolest things that I’ve pondered on was that even though you know there are others out there around the world, you don’t really know. What I’m trying to say is that I was kind of shocked seeing other people and ways of life first hand! It’s definitely an experience to actually be there.


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