Extreme Couponing

Coupons? Really, why bother? I use to think coupons were useless and such a bother when they would come in the mail. My mind has definitely changed after I watched news stories on this popular television show on TLC. Extreme Couponing profiles the lives of shopaholics who use coupons excessively to save some serious cash!  During the show, you hear their story, their method, and get to see how much money they actually save while taking a trip to the grocery store. It’s really neat that it is possible to go full-out grocery shopping and having to possibility to pay less than $10! You’re practically getting a household full (or more) of food for free! However, those are extreme couponer’s stories. It’s probably not likely that you’ll share the same experience in the beginning without some serious effort. There is a lot that goes into extreme couponing like web forums, browsing for internet coupons, and a lot of  searching and cutting. Seeing some of these people’s stories makes me want to try! I mean who doesn’t like a good deal or better yet free stuff? I must say though, I think some of the people on the show are a little crazy and are couponing for sport. I also wonder what does this or could do to the economy?

A good friend of mine named Veronica recently reported on her mother’s couponing for her journalism class. I thought it was a great example of how you don’t have to be “extreme” to get great benefits. Her mother, Monica, had good intentions for starting this shopping habit. She wanted to help out her brother overseas by preparing care packages of toiletries and such for him. This is another great reason why couponing is a great fad. You can really help people in need. So if you want to start using coupons right away you can start by checking the mail which brings a weekly stack of savings and after that be sure to purchase the Sunday paper for more!


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