Austin Made: The Lying Game

Has anyone coined Austin as the Hollywood of Texas yet? First there was Friday Night Lights and now Austin is home to the set of ABC Family’s The Lying Game. The Lying Game is a fairly new series from the creators of Pretty Little Liars. Although I haven’t seen PLL yet, I’ve heard nothing but good things which means TLG can only be an additional treat. Based on a series of novels by Sara Shepard, TLG is about twin sisters, Sutton and Emma, who were separated at birth. Although filmed in Austin, this series is set in a wealthy area in Phoenix, Arizona. The sisters live very different lives, with Emma having a rough life as a foster kid and Sutton living comfortably after being adopted by a wealthy couple. The two meet while they are still in high school and kind of switch lives while Sutton goes on a search for their biological mother. With Emma pretending to be Sutton, Emma finds that her sister has some hidden secrets. As Emma starts to fall for Sutton’s guy, the drama begins. There is plenty that adds to the plot that makes this series dramatically appealing. From the first season’s trailer (below) you can tell that this series is filled with catty drama, scandal, and vices. The series first premiered in Augusts of this year and the second half of the first season begins January 2, 2012. I will be tuned in to see how the show is turning out and to support Austin entertainment of course!

Austinites, there are actually opportunities for you to be a part of the show! Beth Sepko Casting & Third Coast Extras are always seeking people to work as extras. Like them on Facebook for more information.

(The Lying Game Poster Image,


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