5 O’Clock – T-Pain Feat. Lily Allen and Wiz Khalifa

5 O’Clock is the newest jam by T-Pain. Its easy-to-listen-to pleasant tune has many’s approval. First of all, we like this song because T-Pain, Wiz Khalifa, and Lily Allen make a great combination. People seem to enjoy T-Pain’s autotune sound. I know I think it’s catchy. I personally also really like Lily Allen’s music. She doesn’t sing your ordinary pop music. Her music is definitely more edgy with songs like F**k You and The Fear. And Wiz Khalifa? He has been blowing up for a while now. The new-ish hip-hop artist is really popular with his likable raps like Roll Up and No Sleep. When you combine the three together of course you’re going to get something creative and original. Secondly, we like this song because of Lily Allen’s chorus, “It’s five O’clock in the morning…”. Her soft voice makes the song memorable¬†as any female artist would singing in a hip-hop song. I’m sure they’ll be some awesome remixes to follow this original.

The music video also catches my eye. I really like the Amsterdam setting when singing about missing a significant other while they’re out late. It’s creative. Amsterdam is just a unique, cool place with it’s legalized prostitution and marijuana status. The canals, architecture, and the red light district all work well with the song because we’re all wondering what is T-Pain doing out at 5AM in Amsterdam? (Amsterdam’s Red Light District pictured above)



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