Young And Living Life

Meet Sofia Martinez, a good friend of mine who is a Business major at St Edward’s from El Paso, Texas. Sofia was my dorm neighbor freshman year and we were both in France last spring. Only 20 years old, she is making the most of her life. She has traveled around the world, had impressive internships and been apart of many interesting projects while continuing to take on more enriching opportunities that come her way!

Last school year, Sofia studied abroad in Angers, France for both semesters. She spent one semester taking classes in English with the St Edward’s program and the next semester taking classes in French in an exchange program! While in France she also got an awesome internship, working in International Relations at La Mairie d’Anger which is the City Hall! She worked closely with ambassadors from Italy, Germany, England and even Africa.

One of the perks of studying abroad is being able to easily travel. Sofia visited six other countries, a few being England, Spain, Greece, and Bulgaria! She was able to speculate internationally popular events like the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate and Festival de Cannes, the prestigious film festival held in the French Rivera. By sheer chance a friend and her actually got tickets to watch the premiere of a film with Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson at the festival!

After her semester in France was over, she was not quite ready to return home. Sofia got accepted into another study program for the summer, but this time in the Middle East! Sofia has some ties to Lebanon being Maronite Catholic and through her step father who is Lebanese. She studied hospitality in the city of Louaize. Her host family did not speak any English so now she is able to hold a simple conversation in Arabic! Did I mention she’s trilingual in Spanish, English and French? She loved her experience in Lebanon, telling me, they had amazing beaches, an excellent nightlife, and enjoyed making authentic food.

Now that she’s back in Austin for junior year, don’t bet that Sofia is lying low! Sofia just wrapped up her internship at the tourism office in the Capital. She learned about the tourism industry on a state and international level. Having been around, I would say she’s fit for this field. This spring break she’ll be working with the French-American Chamber of Commerce where she’ll be assisting French tourists and some important people during SXSW!  Amazing!

Something else that’s awesome about Sofia is that while she accomplishing a lot, she is also offering her service to others. Since I’ve known her she has worked with St Edward’s Campus Ministry in many service projects and for two weeks this summer she’ll be in Peru helping teach kids at orphanages.

Although you might not believe me, Sofia still has time to devote to being the young college student that she is. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and you can find her out on the town during the weekends. One of her favorite shows is MTV’s Jersey Shore!

Inspired by all that she does, I asked her why does she do it. She replied to me saying, “I love always having something to do, whether for academic or career purposes. I know that there are so many opportunities for students and I want to take advantage of as many of them as possible”. I couldn’t have agreed with her more, there are a lot of opportunities for students! Anyone can go take on a project or internship with possible opportunities abroad. There are offices available to help you! Like Sofia does, you just have to do it!

So what’s next for Sofia? Well she tells me that she’s currently looking into an internship in hotel operations. Maybe a Four Seasons in Chicago or San Francisco or at the Trump Casino in Jersey! It’s all in the air right now. Ultimately, Sofia wants to stay in the international scene specifically between the U.S. and France. Something tells me that with her experience, contacts, and skills, that she’ll be able to find a career in something that fits her perfectly.


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