Social Media Society

I remember watching this video in my Broadcast Journalism class last year. My professor wanted to let my class know what the future has in store of us. We all know since the rise of the internet many news and entertainment sources, like the newspaper, are dwindling. People watch television and go online to look up the news from websites, but more recently (5-7 years ago) a new media has arisen. Social Media has changed the game in so many ways. I’m talking about Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube, and WordPress. As more social networks are appearing, people are utilizing this media more and more. Also, with the availability and advancement of mobile internet and applications, social networking is more simple. Social media has changed the way we communicate and gain information from each other. People are more connected to each other more than ever. We can now keep in touch with people rather than them just becoming old friends. Most importantly, social media has changed the way we get our news. With social media, news now comes to us. Every news corporation is connected in almost every network that there is. We hear about breaking news through people’s postings and we can receive news alerts to our phones. I’ve noticed that much of the breaking news I hear comes from Twitter. In my Entertainment Journalism class social media is a must. Go figure! I’ve had to open accounts with Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress of course.

Social media is important. My professor informed us that many employers now want to see that prospective employees not only know how to use social medias but utilize them regularly. Social Media is the norm and can benefit our lives.

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