Take Care (Cover) – Florence + The Machine

Something that should be known about me as an entertainment journalist is that I love covers. I love covers by fans, I love covers by aspiring musicians, and I love covers from other artists! I retweeted this video last week after being completely blown away by. I was already a fan of Florence and the Machine and their cover of Drake and Rihanna’s Take Care has raised the bar. Florence noted that this song was by three of her favorite artists. She mentions Drake and Rihanna, but also Jamie XX. This is because Take Care is a remade version by many artists including, Jamie XX and Gil Scott-HeronThe original is actually from 1959 and is by Brook Brenton. I blogged the Drake and Rihanna’s version a few weeks ago and wrote that it was a beautifully written, charming song. Florence’s version enhances this beauty by the way she sings the rap verses. Her voice is gold. It is actually quite intense, it can give you chills. I do love the use of the piano in both these pieces. Well, I must admit I would have never thought that Florence and the Machine  would cover a hip hop song, but that just goes to show you that all music is truly art. Before singing, she said she hoped they could give the song justice. I think they have and more.


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