125X125 Hilltop Film Quest

Last year my school was celebrating its 125th anniversary. To celebrate the occasion the university planned a huge birthday party and created a unique film contest. I was stopped by two ladies promoting the contest. They told me that I could win an iPad if I won! All I had to do was  submit a 125-second short film that should tell a story involving the school. The only requirements were that the film should revolve around the theme “journey”, be short, and meet the deadline. Little did they know I am very interested in film making! I thought to myself, how could I not do the Hilltop Film Quest? With a short time frame I came up with an idea, got a cast together, and filmed two days before the deadline. I have to say it was beyond stressful, but I had a great cast who offered support (Cast pictured above). I wanted the video to be fun and interactive.  I wanted students to be able to relate to it, while adults would still get the idea and I think I accomplished that. I remade MTV’s reality show The Real World. I took an institutional spin on it and made SEU: The Real University. Although I did not win I’m glad I got to be in an actual film contest and experience film making on that level. At the school’s 125th birthday party they played all the submissions on a flat screen. I saw people watch my film and I saw they were entertained by it. They were laughing and even dancing when the music was playing, it was a great experience.

“This is going to be a really awesome journey and we’re barely getting to know each other, it’s going to be really fun.”


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