You Da One – Rihanna

Talk about catchy! Rihanna has done it again. She has released another hit by the name of You Da One. This is her second single from her new album Talk That Talk. This album is actually her sixth and it has been released only after a year from her previous one! Rihanna has definitely been working hard to keep her fans satisfied. You Da One is a fun, up-beat song that will attract anyones ear. It has both reggae and dance genres. Rihanna definitely has a different accent when she sing. You can hear her reggae voice in many of her songs. When I hear this song I immediately think of a high school drumline. So much drum beats are being dropped which makes this song dancable. Something else about this song that I want to discribe is the “beaty” dupstep sound. Maybe you’ll be able to understand better if I describe it. During parts of the song the beat stops and then resumes slowly again and this pattern continues for a while. After looking it up, it has been described as the “dupstep-to-death breakdown”. See if you hear what I’m talking about! You Da One is currently No. 18 on iTunes.

“You the one that I’m feeling, you the one that I’m loving. Ain’t no other that’s like you”


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