YouTube’s Up-and-Coming Michael Le

It’s a neat concept to think that there are many types of media out there that you can gain success and even fame from. There’s podcasting, blog sites, and of course there’s YouTube! All of these medias are being utilized by many and the more likable ones are standing-out. I recently talked with a friend of mine, Michael, who I know from working with. Michael is an up-and-coming YouTube star (if not already). Starting two years ago, he creates video blogs that have gotten major attention. Inspired by other “YouTubers” who record their everyday lives Michael says, “I try to make videos about things that are current events, either in the world or in my life. That’s pretty much how I get all my ideas.” Some of his video titles include “24 thing that PISS ME OFF!!”, “Stuff Boston College People Like”, and “HURRICANE IRENE IS A B****” (featured below). It seems that viewers cannot get enough of him!

His YouTube channel named, Vacheur, has more than 15,000 subscribers and as of right now his most popular video, “My PROS AND CONS about working at ABERCROMBIE”, has 52,327 views! When I asked him what he thought when his videos started gaining popularity he mentioned at first it was a big deal,

“After the first couple months I got 100 subscribers and I thought that was huge!  I was bragging to all my friends. I was really proud of myself.”

He mentioned that after his first year of making videos he reached 1,000 subscribers, which for him was the benchmark for being ‘popular’ on YouTube. Today, Michael gains around 50-100 subscribers a day!

When I asked his friends what they thought of his internet popularity they understood totally why people would be interested in Michael. One friend, Amber Bazan said, “It doesn’t surprise me. He’s a very likable character I think more people should know about him.”  Also a fan, she went on to say, “I like how comfortable he is with talking to the camera. It feels like he’s really having a conversation with his viewers.” I agreed! Another friend/viewer, Israel Cruz, thinks Michael’s YouTube success is explained  through his personality and content, “His videos aren’t predictable which keeps us guessing what is he going to do next!” This is very true since Michael’s videos vary from short films to personal vlogs (video blogs). Did I mention he even has a French channel which is doing well itself?

So, Michael is likable, unpredictable, and diverse! When I asked him why he thought his videos were so popular he said, “I think the fact that I try to reach out to a broad audience helps with the popularity of my videos, but I also try to make funny ones that make people laugh!” He also tries to make videos that fits people’s needs. “My top two most popular videos are “tips for working at abercrombie” and “Stuff Boston College People Like”. The Abercrombie video has a lot of hits because people are all anxious about working there and the job application, and students interested in Boston College look up videos on youtube about it.” He is able to help others interested in these topics because he is familar with them. He’s a former store model for Abercrombie Kids and attends Boston College.

With all this popularity comes fame. Michael admits that he gets noticed when he’s out. After making “Stuff Boston College People Like”, he especially gets noticed at school.  “I’ve gotten recognized at parties, club meetings, activities day, in class… I think the tally is around 30 now. It mainly happens with freshmen and it’s really awkward now because I used to greet prospective students in the admissions building and a couple have seen my videos.” Once, when he added a new friend on Facebook there it was, his video on her wall posted by her sister! That’s pretty crazy and really cool at the same time! So if you want to see more of Michael Le’s Vacheur be sure to check out his YouTube Channel and like him on!  I’m sure he’ll have more funny, entertaining videos to come!


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