Breaking Dawn Part I – Movie Review

Today was the premiere of part one of the last of the Twilight Saga. I was able to get a first look last night at the midnight showing. The movie begins the day before Edward and Bella’s wedding. There is a lot of emotional tension between everyone who is aware of the vampire-werewolf families because Bella’s life is about to change. She will no longer be mortal and will actually become an enemy of the wolves who she had ties with through her father and Jacob. Once married, the two sleep together for the first time and the impossible happens. Bella becomes pregnant with Edward’s vampire baby which makes her very unhealthy. With all of this going on, the wolves are no longer playing nice with the vampires and plan to kill them if able to meanwhile, Jacob still stands by Bella’s side. It’s hard for me to judge if novel-based movies are “good” because I know they are just continuing telling a story. So it is hard to compare which movie is better, but I did enjoy Breaking Dawn part one. I enjoyed all of the intensity that they left all towards the end of the movie. I noted that this movie was a bit more comical than the others (I hope this was intentional and not just me). Bella’s dad Charlie and her high school friends are quite the comedians. I also want to note that this movie was a bit corny! One instance when the wolf pack is deliberating as actual wolves, I felt kind of embarrassed. They are talking in human voices and they are exaggerated with a toughness. I’m trying to see if they could have made this more realistic. Maybe subtitles or no exaggeration would have done this. Overall Breaking Dawn is a treat for whoever is following the Saga. If you’re going to watch be ready for the intensity!


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