God is in the Details by Chelsea Elliot

A few weeks ago I posted my documentary that I made while studying abroad in France. Now I would like to share one of my classmates’ film, God is in the Details. I was very impressed during the premiere screening of these films and this particular one stood out to me. Partially in French, Chelsea explains the clever analogy that bricks, like people, want to be apart of something larger in life. With this theme I think the title is beautifully created, articulating God’s path for our lives.  After she introduces the theme she talks about her experiences while studying abroad. Her experiences of leaving home, helping a solider, and making friendships explains how like the bricks of architecture she grew as a person. Her filming is very impressive. She took beautiful outdoor, shots of scenery of Angers. I especially like the shots that begin in the sky and pan down onto an architectural feature. The music in this film also works really well because it enhances the viewers experience. Micheal Buble’s Home stands out when the slide show of picture of the people she experienced her trip with plays. It reflects on the entire trip while showing, like all good things, it came to an end. I can relate to this film since I shared the same experiences. I better understand the analogy, bricks are to architecture as people are to life.

“Architecture starts when you carefully place two bricks together, life begins when you place two people together.”


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