You and I (ATB REMIX) – Lady Gaga

I’ve been hearing this song from time to time late at night during the weekends and now this remix has earned my liking. It’s probably one of the best dance mixes I’ve heard in a while. First of all, You and I is already a great song. It is a mixture of two genres, soulful music and country. I’m not sure if you’ll understand my description, but Lady Gaga voice is full of soul and lyrically this song falls under the country genre. She’s taking about the past and her emotions for an old flame with this Arkansas theme to it. So You and I sounds like a country song to me. Second of all, this dance remix enhances the soulfulness. This up-beat song mixed with the lyrics is a great combination. The only problem I have with these remixes is that they take forever to start. You only hear the beat for the first minutes and a half. I’ve added a video that cut out the five minute introduction because I like the beat and music combo! Hope you enjoy it as well.

“It’s been a long time since you came around, been a long time but I’m back in town and this time I’m not leaving without you.”


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