A Divorce and an Alledged Paternity Suit

It was a big week for breaking news in Hollywood with Kim Kardashian filing for divorce after 72 days of marriage and Justin Bieber being claimed to be a father! So now that it’s the end of the week let catch up with these two stories.

Kim Kardashian’s news broke on Monday when she filed for divorce from her estranged husband, Kris Humphries. The two had lots of publicity for their wedding this past summer and just premiered a two-day wedding event special on E! last month. The next day after filing for divorce Kim was in Australia to promote her family’s Sear’s brand Kardashian Kollection with her sister Khloe. Australia was able to get her first interview that would discuss the divorce. Kim says she is not ready to give out all the details, but claims the marriage was not the fairy tale she had hoped it would be. Currently she is lying low while all of the publicity dies down. There are a lot of upset fans out there claiming the marriage was a publicity stunt and many disapprove of her costly wedding. Let’s hope thing work out for all parties involved even the angry fans.

Justin Bieber was also in the news earlier this week when a 20 year-old woman by the name of Mariah Yeater claimed that Bieber was the father of her three-month old son! This came as a shock to many because Bieber is only 17 and in a relationship with singer, Selena Gomez. Yeater who lives in California claims that after one of Bieber’s concerts the two had unprotected sex. Bieber has denied all allegations saying none of it is true. He claims he has never even met Yeater! Wow!  And now you’re caught up in know!


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