Hiking the Wild Basin

On Saturday, I had a unique extra credit assignment for my Science class. I went along with some classmates and our professor to Austin’s Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve. At first I was hesitant to participate considering it was Halloween weekend, but anything that helps my grades is doable.  It was actually quite enjoyable. Austin’s natural features are so beautiful. The huge hills are filled with green trees which overlooks the skyline. The mansions on the hills also add to the beautiful scene adding manmade architecture to nature. It was nice being outdoors getting exercise in such great weather! The Basin is a 2.5 mile trail filled with plants, trees, and even some animals that are being protected from extinction. The Basin is actually a natural resource laboratory for St Edward’s University. Because everything on the preserve is being protected, there are some strict guidelines to follow like only being able to go to the preserve from sunrise to sunset, no pets being allowed, no bicycles, or no picnics. We spent most of our time looking at different plants, learning elevation, and of course hiking. I was interested in the waterfall which was not much to see because of the lack of water flowing. I’m sure it’s something to see after some significant rainfall. I recommend this trail for everyone even if you’re not an outdoors person. It just might change you.


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