Halloweekend Kickoff at Guero’s

Mexican food, maybe a margarita to end the work week and bring on the weekend? Yes, please! When I got an invite from some friends to eat some good Mexican food on Friday I didn’t hesitate. We went to Guero’s Taco Bar on South Congress. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’m a big fan of SoCo. It’s so hip; it’s where everything is happening. That area has so much culture with its good restaurants and fun shops! Guero’s was a great first stop. Once at the restaurant we wanted to sit outside and enjoy the cool weather and see people walking in and out of the shops. We were hoping to see some great costumes from early halloweeners, but the outdoor seating was not available so we ate inside. I ordered the beef fajita tacos with a side of beans and rice of course. The soft tortillas and warm bean soup went along wonderfully with the chilly weather. Next time, however I’ll be sure to add some cheese and avocado to add more authentic flavor to my tacos! It was a great time conversing and celebrating the weekend with friends. After lunch we went to Lucy in Disguise to try to look for last-minute Halloween costumes. Our search was not successful as you can imagine. I don’t try going to Lucy’s on Halloween weekend unless you’re a very patient person and don’t mind bumping into people. Nonetheless it was great start to what would be a fun weekend.


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