Princess of China – Coldplay Ft. Rihanna

So I do like this song, I do, if I didn’t I wouldn’t have posted it. However, there is a quality issue. I have a problem with the music that is playing the beginning of the song. It is also played in throughout the song when the “ohhhhhhhh” part is sung.  It sounds like loud sirens and it’s disturbing! It’s not pleasing to my ear at the least. Despite this beat, I think this song is great lyrically and vocally. Of course it is, it’s Coldplay! Coldplay and Rihanna team up to create a song about ex-lovers who claim they could have had it all. This song theme sounds familiar. Doesn’t it? This song features Coldplay’s famous laid back tune which is accentuated by Rihanna’s catchy pop vocals. I’m not sure why China plays into the title, but nonetheless it’s a catchy song. Princess of China is on Coldplay’s album, Mylo Xyloto, and is currently No 4 on iTunes.

“I could’ve been a Princess, You’d be a king. Could’ve had a castle, and wore a ring, but noooooo, you let me gooooooo.”


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