Hopdoddy Round Two!

So guess who couldn’t resist another trip to SoCo’s favorite burger bar? Me! This time I went back for the sides, but ended up try a little taste of everything. Originally, I was going back to have one of their famous milkshakes I was talking about in my last post. I was debating whether I should get the Nutella and pretzel shake or the caramel and sea salt one. Since a friend made up her mind and went for nutella, I thought I would be different and try the interesting one with sea salt. Let me just say it tastes as interesting as it sounds. Salty would have to the one word to describe it after creamy of course. It was a caramel creamy, shake with a salty flavor. At first I was into it, but after a while my taste buds got over the salty ice cream. Maybe too salty. Sadly, I wasn’t able to finish it. Once I had a taste of my friend’s, Nutella and pretzel shake, I knew I should have went with my instincts and got that one. It is definitely a shake worth trying. The delicious drink contains Nutella and blended pretzels…need I say more? I will be going back a third time especially for this milkshake! During my visit I was also able to sample my friends’ burgers. I tried the Continental which is a turkey burger in the state of a meat patty, not deli meat. I also tried the Janis Joplin which a yummy vegetarian burger. Remember at Hopdoddy you can never go wrong with their fries!


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