Fried Macaroni…Enough Said

It seems like you can fry about anything these days. I mean there are fried deserts like Oreos, Twinkies, and even ice cream. This past Friday, I went to my favorite wings bar in Austin, Pluckers. While I was deciding whether or not to get another fried favorite of mine, fried pickles, I noticed something on the menu that I haven’t before; fried macaroni for around $7. I was curious to how that would even look. I do like macaroni and fried food so figured they were worth a try.  They were perfect. They were perfectly sized and tasted wonderfully. Who knew? All you have to do is imagine how the two would taste together. They had two dipping sauces one being ranch and the other some sort of sweet syrup. Both made the fried macaroni addicting. Yes, this is an unhealthy snack and to some might sound bizarre, but you must try it for yourself. If you like it, you can treat yourself to it every now and then. I found myself craving them the other day. I will probably be skipping out on the pickles and going for the mac these days.


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