Without You – David Guetta ft. Usher















David Guetta is hands down one of my favorite DJs. He collaborates with some of the best artists and ends up creating the ultimate fun, dance-party music. Some of his notable songs includes “Sexy Chick” which features Akon and “Where Them Girls At” which features Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida. He’s not only making up-beat party songs. There are times when he tunes it down to make songs like “Memories” and the recent, “Without You” featuring Usher. Without You is one of those songs that you sing when you realize you’re missing your ex. It’s quite the charming song, suggesting that he is not functional without his love. Usher’s R&B vocals match the song perfectly. Along with Guetta’s beats, Usher’s singing makes the song more vibrant and real. The music video is also enjoyable. It shows beach parties around the world that all come together in the end because Guetta’s music causes the continents to connect. It definitely has a “feel-good” theme to it. Without You is on David Guetta’s album, Nothing But The Beat and is currently No. 8 on iTunes.

“Can’t erase, so I’ll take blame. But I can’t accept that we’re estranged. Without you…” 









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