St Edward’s Science Building 101

St Edward’s University is probably one of the most under-rated Universities when discussing the top most beautiful college campuses. There’s a lot that goes into judging what makes a campus worth wild. You have to consider landscape, location, natural features, and of course the architecture. Although St Edward’s has it all, one thing I think the school should boast most about is one of it’s newest architectural features, the science building.

The John Brooks Williams Natural Science Center is an exquisite, huge, state-of-the art building that holds many classrooms and laboratories especially, but not limited for students studying Science. From outside, you know that this building is remarkable. Mostly two stories, You may feel that this building was inspired by children’s building blocks or Legos because of the shapes that make up the building. There are the block/rectangular prisms that are the bases of the building, a triangular prism roof, and cylinders that hold up the roof. The building is made up with different textures and patterns containing mainly beige brick. There are also brown steel-like walls, red roofing, and large glass doors and windows that easily lets you take a look inside. One nightly, outdoor feature are the lights which are along the building and shine down on the sidewalk the students walk on. However, the building’s most popular feature is clearly the greenhouse which is its own third story and can catch anyones attention with its glass walls.

Once inside you know this school means business. In a professional setting, you almost feel like you are at the doctor’s office. The spacious halls have huge windows that look into the comfortable classrooms which are either labs that contain hefty scientific equipment or your traditional classroom with desks and computers. The floor is made up of green, shiny cement. There is a waiting areas on the second floor that is neatly made up with wooden walls, a view of the Austin skyline, and modern seating. The modern atmosphere makes students wish that they’ll have a class in this building!

Fortunately, this building has a second phase coming in the near future to add to this remarkable campus that both professors and students enjoy.


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