Hopdoddy Burger Bar Review

I am someone who is very interested in food. I believe that food is very important so we should only eat good food. I’m not only talking health wise, but more importantly taste.  I’m about to start doing something new with Steven Josh, I’m going to start a food/restaurant review! It will consist of new places and plates that I venture.

This past Thursday I went out with a couple of friends to South Congress’ fairly new restaurant, Hopdoddy. I’ve seen and heard about it many times before, but I was finally able to walk into the modern, glass burger bar for my own experience.  Right when we got there I noticed the long line coming out the door which assured me this place must have a reason for the popularity. Hopdoddy has a unique ordering system. You wait in line looking at the menu and can order a drink or milkshake from the bar you wait along. The bar is impressive with their menu of milkshakes and alcoholic drinks. One milkshake that I need to go back for is the Nutella and pretzel shake. The menu probably has 9 different, creatively made burgers including options for vegetarians. You pay for your fries separately, but I feel the prices are fair. The average price for a burger is $8.

Shroom BurgerOut of all of the choices I ended up picking the Magic Shroom. A burger that consists of their soft, delicious bread (which can be sold separately for your own bbqs), a warm, juicy patty, grilled mushrooms, pesto, and lettuce. The creative burger was enjoyable along with the thin, seasoned fries. I did not feel like I was just eating your typical fast food meal, but rather an upscale burger. There was thought that went into the burger, it had pesto! Overall, I had a great experience; I loved the food and the atmosphere. I recommend trying out Hopdoddy for yourself. I know I will be back.


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