Paradise – Coldplay

I am a huge fan of Coldplay. Most of their music is relaxing and I’m always willing to hear them. The ACL performers are back with a new album, Mylo Xyloto which will be released October 24th. Their newest single, Paradise is so beautiful. The instruments, the lyrics, and of course Chris Martin’s vocals all come together to make this amazing song. Like most of their songs you hear a piano, guitar, base, and drums that work together so perfectly making an easy to listen to song. Chris Martin and the rest of the band even sing together creating a choir like tune during the chorus. The lyrics tell you about an ambitious girl who expected the world, but as life can get in the way her ideas and dreams are  not reached. Still this girl dreams of what could be, her paradise. It’s a powerful song because it reflects on set-backs and challenges that may come, but focuses on a positive overcoming attitude. We can all reach our own paradise. I just listened to this song today and already love it. I give Paradise 5/5 Stars!

“She says, oh, oohooh I know the sun must set to rise. This could be para, para, paradise.”


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