Young Adult: Review

We all know that one adult who just hasn’t quite matured. Who knows, we might even be related to this person or maybe we are that person. We’ve seen this character many times on the big screen before in movies like Bad Teacher and Our Idiot Brother. They lie, drink, and have crude humor. In Jason Reitman’s movie, Young Adult, Charlize Theron is that person whose intentions might not be the best for someone their age. I think this role is perfect for her. She definitely has the attitude for it, especially after the horrific movie, Monster, where she played a serial killer! The plot revolves around her coming back to her hometown, where she had her popularity and looks, to try to win an old flame who happens to be a husband and a father! I feel this movie is going to be LOL funny! A women going back to her small town and having no filter for the things she says and does make a great comedy. The trailer does a good job of holding all of the funniest jokes and leaving you with an admirable comedy plot…At least I hope so!


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