We Found Love – Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris

One of my favorite genres of music is dance/party mixes; something with an awesome beat that sounds great while you’re out at night. Last time Rihanna collaborated with French DJ, David Guetta and made the fun dance tune of  “Who’s That Chick”. This time she has teamed up with Calvin Harris to create “We Found Love”. I must admit at first it didn’t appeal to me much; it was too calm, but after a few listens I realized it was the perfect mix. It has simple lyrics to go with a calm yet upbeat beat; Perfect for a Friday while transitioning from the week to your weekend mode. I also really like Rihanna’s voice for these types of songs. Give it a few listens and I’m sure you’ll be playing it in your mind all day. This song is still fairly new and I haven’t heard it much anywhere else , so you’ll have time to enjoy it before it becomes over-played. Currently “We Found Love” is number 5 on iTunes.

“It’s the way I’m feeling I just can’t deny, but I’ve gotta let it go”


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