The Simpsons: The End of an Era

It looks like America’s longest running animated sitcom, The Simpsons, is finally coming to an end. Twenty-two successful seasons have been created since the show started in 1989 and the series is now in their 23rd season. It seems like all good things must come to an end and that is no exception for the world’s favorite dysfunctional family. Producers of The Simpsons say that the series is no longer profitable as a first-run series and will end after its next (24th) season. The show will only go onto its next season if the voice actors are willing to continue the show with a 45% pay cut! The pay cut will leave the voice actors with $440,000 an episode! That means the actors are used to making around $800,000 and episode! Let’s hope for our sake the actors do not get greedy. I think they should go ahead and continue to finish off the show with the pay cut and just have fun making the last season of the show that is a huge part of their lives. It’s sad to see that soon there will be no more new episodes of The Simpsons, but I know we will still watch and enjoy all the reruns we can get!


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