Lets Catch Up with the iPhone 4S

If you were like me this past week, you’ve had no time to look up all of the hype on the new iPhone that was revealed on October 4th. I find this outrageous since I was looking up every news alert on this so-called “iPhone 5″, trying to figure out when the release date would be. Once I saw a tweet that the new Apple phone would be a 4S, I immediately had a loss of interest. Then the next day, the sad news about former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs passing away shocked the world and my attention was focused on his story. I am now finally caught up with the new iPhone 4S and able to answer if it’s really worth the upgrade (or buy). So after being wrongly convinced that this would be the ultimate upgrade of the iPhone since the original, I am not all that impressed. Sure there is one feature on the phone that I cannot wait to have, but believe I will until the next new phone is here. So what all does the 4S have?

Well my favorite feature that I mentioned is “Siri”. Siri is voice command feature that literally let’s you tell your iPhone what to do. It is more useful than voice command, a feature that has been on iPhones since the 3g. You can send texts and even asks your iPhone questions!

What else?

Of course it wouldn’t be newer without a camera upgrade. The iPhone 4s now gives you an 8 megapixel shot. You will now see better resolution and details in your pictures. The video recorder shoots 1080p HD which is better film quality.

There is also iCloud. It is a feature that lets you organize all of your content like your music, movies, photos, documents, and much more easily to all of your devices. You are able to download new content from iTunes onto all of your devices wirelessly.

The new Retina display makes your iPhone screen more vibrant and in the highest resolution.

iOS is another remarkable feature. It contains a “notification center” which is one place that is your news feed to everything about you life. Your texts, your Facebook notifications, your calender are all included. How convenient! iOS lets you text message with your friends who have other devices like iPods and iPads that are running on iOS. And there is also a “reminders/to do list” section, which is something I have always wanted. Not just like a calendar or my notepad, but an actual to do list!

The new upgraded iPhone does have some great things to offer, but I’m sure I can wait for the next level of the iPhone, which sources say may come in a year! Hopefully this time the 5! So what do you think, Are these new features enough to get you to upgrade or join the iPhone family?


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