Want a Personality Makeover? Have some Shrooms.

I’m currently preparing for a presentation I have to give in my Science class tomorrow and I think the topic of mind-altering hallucinogens is something interesting to share. They’re called “magic mushrooms” and they contain an ingredient known as hallucinogen psilocybin which a single dose can actually change your personality. The study was done on 51 participants and 60% showed a change of personality. What was the personality change you ask? Well it made people more open. They had more of an imagination, more abstract thoughts, more feelings. It appears that this personality change is positive and not something to frown about. One of the participants described it as being the best experience of her life, she went on to say, “It was marvelous, radiant. I felt like I was coming into a magnificent palace, expansive and joyous“. The personality changes in this study are even found to likely be permanent because these attitudes continued more than a year. However, only people who had the same radiant, great experience as the first participate mentioned, had this change.  Some people actually reported strong fear or anxiety. Fortunetely, Fear or paranoia are not long-lasting changes as openness is. Scientists are now furthering the study and seeing if they can ease cancer patients’ anxiety about their illness. Although more study is needed, I think this is a pretty interesting piece that can do good for people. Just make sure you’re using it for the right reasons! So what do you think, Would you go for a personality makeover if it made you more open?


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