ABC’s Suburgatory is a little too unoriginal

I would think it would be easy for television companies to pitch hit shows. That’s not always the case since a lot of shows only make it a couple of seasons before getting cancelled. That may be the case for ABC’s new series Suburgatory (I hope not for the sake of the actors). I watched the premiere of the new series last night along with my other favorite shows that air on Wednesdays including The Middle, Modern Family, and Happy Endings. Because Suburgatory is in a line-up with the rest of these hit shows, it definitely has some huge shoes to fill! At least I thought so!

The show is about a teenage girl who lived in NYC with her father, but is forced to move out of the city and into the suburbs because her father doesn’t feel comfortable with her lifestyle after he finds condoms in her room. Of course she is not thrilled about the move. Once in her new neighborhood she finds that it is full of superficial moms and daughters a like. I immediately thought this show was a rip-off of the movie Mean Girls. One of the moms of the neighborhood even takes the new girl shopping to assimilate with the culture of suburbia. The rest of the show is about her resentfulness of her new life, which is clear by the bickering between her and her father.

The show did have some funny parts, but overall I was not impressed. I think if this show wants any success it would have to be aired on a teenage channel or abc family! Time will tell if this series works for people. I know it just wasn’t entertaining enough for me. Now I’ll have an hour break in between Modern Family and Happy Endings.


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