Did J.C. Penny go too far?

You would think society would be used to advertisements that display affection and skin. I mean there are some pretty racy ads out there from companies like Guess, Calvin Klein, and  Abercrombie & Fitch. And now J.C. Penny has a commercial that is not only showing skin, but sending out a clear message about how women are depicted. Some people are outraged by the television commercial saying it is above all, sexist.

The commercial features ESPN’s personality, Kenny Mayne who is talking to men about how he understands that clothing commercials are not entertaining to watch. In efforts to get men to watch the ad he is going to make the viewers a deal by also showing a famous scene from the movie “Fast times at Ridgemont High” which show a women in a two piece getting out of a pool. This isn’t the first time J.C. Penny has had controversy. A few months ago the store had to pull a shirt that parents weren’t too happy about which read “I’m too pretty to do homework.” Wow!


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